Masters Results

Results of 29th Kandahar Masters, Morgins
27th to 29th January 2017

Results of 28th Kandahar Masters, Morgins
22nd to 24th January 2016

Results of 27th Kandahar Masters, Morgins
16th to 18th January 2015

Results of 26th Kandahar Masters, Megève
31st January to 2nd February 2014

Results of 25th Kandahar Masters, Megève
8th to 10th February 2013

Results of 24th Kandahar Masters, Megève
10th to 12th February 2012

Results of 23rd Kandahar Masters, Megève
18th to 20th February 2011

Results of 22nd Kandahar Masters, Megève
5th to 7th March 2010

Results of 21st Kandahar Masters, Megève
30th January to 1st February 2009

Results of 19th Kandahar Masters, Courmayeur,
3rd/4th February 2007

Results of 18th Kandahar Masters, Courmayeur,
4th/5th February 2006

Results of 17th Kandahar Masters, Courmayeur,
29th/30th January 2005

RESULTS of 16th Kandahar Masters, Megève,
31st January & 1st February 2004

For more photos from the 2004 Masters, see here

RESULTS of 15th Kandahar Masters, Courmayeur,
1st & 2nd February 2003


RESULTS of 14th Kandahar Masters, Courmayeur,
2nd & 3rd February 2002

There were 202 bib sales in all to 14 nationalities, including 22 British entries. The Norwegians also came in force.

Winners of Arlberg-Kandahar Races 1956-1966

Results Arlberg Kandahar 1956_1966_results.pdf

Winners of Arlberg-Kandahar Races 1928-1955

Results Arlberg Kandahar 1928-1955